Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Perfect Bachelors Weekend

I am living the single life for 8 months now. I used to get amused thinking of people leading a bachelors life away from family. I heard of boozing, dancing, going out etc. Finally I had this perfect weekend in my singapore bachelors life. It inculded crate of beers, eating out, pub & disco, night out etc.

Saturday afternoon I, Nagaraj, Srinivas and Santosh went out for shopping as we heard of some discount sale. We did one of the biggest mistakes to go there with out seeing the * in the advertisement. We were disappointed. We had Turkish ice cream at Clarke Quay and came back home. On the way back we planned to booze. There was an offer going on in Fair Price, so we decided to go there and buy a crate of beer which was being sold for just 48SGD. It was really nice to see the fridge filled with so many beer cans.

We headed home and started taking those tins one after other from 6PM. We had some snacks along with beer. We sat and chatted for sometime and then thought of watching a movie and we decided on bommarillu and pokiri. It was at 9PM that we decided to go out and have some food. We went to the nearby food court and had some fried race and came back home and had some more beer. It was 11PM then we decided to go to Clarke Quay for disco.

At 12 midnight we were at Rupee Room pub in Clarke Quay. Took the entrance ticket and entered the pub. With each ticket we also got a drink free which we took Vodka with Sprite. We danced till 4 in the morning. Though we missed girls in the group but still we had a great time dancing to those hindi numbers. We came back home at 4.30 and thought of drinking some more beer but the beer was transformed to ice as we kept it in deep fridge.

We saw Dubai Seenu movie till morning 5.30 and then slept. We were 5 people there and we just had 2 beds available. So one slept on couch 2 on beds and 2 on the ground. Everybody was tired and slept till late in the morning. We started waking up one after other from 10AM to 12noon. We got ready and thought of going out for dinner as we were all very hungry.

We went to a Japanese restaurant. The food there was awesome. It was very spicy and the taste was also really good and it was healthy food. After the good meal we came back home and my friends wanted to finish the remaining beers. I was very tired and fell asleep while Nagaraj and Srinivas completed the crate. Even they slept for sometime after having beers. In the evening at around 7 we again went out for dinner and left to our respective houses.

It was a simple but great weekend.