Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Good Bye 2008

I’m sitting here at my office and have just finished my important task and am a bit relaxed. So I thought I shall stop other work for sometime. I have been following the test match between India and England. Due to bad weather conditions the match has been delayed. Okay, and, while I'm waiting for the match to start, I wanted to memorize as what has happened in this year.

As we get ready to welcome 2009, I'd like to take a quick look back at 2008, with a YEAR IN REVIEW.

JANUARY: I have decided that 2008 will be "my year of new things". My start for the new year did not have anything that exciting personally or professionally. I was feeling alone in Singapore getting bored with personal as well as professional life. Only new thing that I did was camping at the beach side on the new year eve.

FEBRUARY: February also went the same way. Only compensation was I was making some new friends (Nagraj, Ganesh and Vidya) in Singapore with whom I was spending most of the pass time. Thought of doing many things but as I did not really have a proper company I couldnt do any of that. This made me think of going back to Hyderabad.

MARCH: The year passed on the same way and finally searched for a new passtime, thats when I started blogging at Palwai's Blog. One more hobby started this month and thats photography. I bought a new Alpha 350 DSLR camera. I did not really work on it that much immediately.

APRIL: April was a bit better when compared to the first quarter. I visited Jurong Bird Park with my Nagraj's family. This is the first time I got a chance to actually use my new camera. I also bought a dart board at home to pass time and was on full swing writing some crap on my blog. Mind you the work at my office still did not start. Was doing some minor report which was used for some management presentaion purpose.

MAY: May was exciting for me. I was a bit busy with one of my friend coming to Singapore, work being allocated to me, and my trip to India arrangements. I was accompanying mom dad for North India trip for 9 days. The saddest part was that I was in Hyderabad only for 2 days and couldn't really meet any of my friends. Last minute Brother and Bhabhi also joined us for the trip, something which none of us has expected. The trip itenary was
Singapore - > Hyderabad - > Delhi - > Nainital - > Ranikhet - > Bageshwar - > Kausani - > Almora - > Haldwani - > Back Delhi - > Back Hyderabad - > Back Singapore.
Landing in the new Hyderabad Airport was also exciting as the new airport was really good when compared to the Begumpet Airport. Took lot of pictures and started writing about the trip in my travel blog.

JUNE: This has been one of the most exciting quarter. As soon as I came from India, I left for Vietnam. This was a wonderful experience as I travelled alone and made many new friends there. This trip of mine has inspired my friends too to join me for the upcoming trips. This trip has helped me to develop a love for the travel which I tried my level best to fulfill in the upcoming months. Later at the month end I, Nagraj and Srini planned for the most eventful trip of the year. We went to Phuket. I have done many new activities which I haven't done before in my life. Along with these trips the weekends also started being very hectic and we had get together every weekend.

JULY: The excitement of the Phuket trip lasted for many a days. With the same excitement we planned for the Malaysia trip. I, Nagraj, Srini and Vidya went to KL and Genting in the mid July. This was totally an unplanned trip but some how we pulled it off very well and had a great time there. This month also ended my long wait for the F1 tickets. I also bought a new Sony Erricson P1i phone. I always wanted to buy a touch phone and finally I did it. My friend Gayatri also came from London and we had a great time for 3 days. So overall this has been again a great month with lot of memories.

AUGUST: This month was a bit slow from my end. We went to Hanoi and Halong Bay trip which was a great experience. The night at Halong Bay was very memorable. We made some new friends here also. Saw many new and nice movies this month. Bought a scrabble board even though I played only once the day I bought it :-). August was nice as I had some nice time travelling and watching movies.

SEPTEMBER: This was one more crazy and eventful month of the year. Did some thing really new, started reading novels. Read all the three Chetan Bhagat novels as they sounded just like any Bollywood Movie. I bought a new Samsung 40 Inch FULL HD LCD TV. I also got a Home theater system free with it. The movie experience in it was really great. Sep-12th was one crazy day when I suddenly felt of seeing parents and left to Hyderabad straight from office with just my passport. This month also had the most awaited weekend for the year, that's the night race at Singapore. Had a great time watching those machines run past me with such a high speeds and it was good to see Alonso win the race.

OCTOBER: This is the most important month in my life. One fine day I was called to India and was shown a girl. At the first look I thought she is the one and I decided to tie the knot with her. My parents have decided the marriage data as the Valentines Day 2009. Since then the golden period has started. Apart from the personal front even at the professional front work has been hectic from this month. Got into a new project and has been working on the latest software which was good for me.

NOVEMBER: This month has been very very hectic with work and phones.

DECEMBER: This is the month has totally gone in anticipation of what I will be doing in India when I am there. This time the whole trip I planned for Dolly as she was coming from Sweden. But later realised that many of my friends would be coming during that time and I have been planning different ways to meet everybody possible as we are not sure when we will again meet. Tomorrow I am leaving for India and will come back in the New Year.

So that's What I Did This Year. What did all of you get up to?

I hope you all have a very merry Christmas if you celebrate it, and a very healthy and happy 2009. See you around, either online or in person!!!!


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Good one Babbu!

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Watch "Real Time" movie. You will like it.