Monday, November 09, 2009

Badly planned trip

This is one such badly planned trip where I have done too many mistakes. I went there to finish off 3 pending works out of which just one was successful. For this, I was not fully prepared and was not having the required information in hand when I need it.

The biggest blunders in my travel history are done during this trip. While going to Hyderabad, I reached the airport 2 hours before the schedule. At the check-in I was asked for the credit card, but as it was Santosh's credit card, I showed them the authorisation letter having Santosh's signature. But they wanted that signature to be done in front of their officer at one of their outlets, which was not done. So I was asked to buy a ticket again and they would refund this amount into the credit card. I ran here and there in the airport to find the sales booth. Mean while I didn't have sufficient amount in my account and hence had to borrow from one of my friends. Finally got the ticket at the same price as the previous one and flew to Hyderabad for a hectic trip.

After my trip while coming back to Singapore, I and Santosh went to the check-in counter to do it together. At the counter the representative told me that I have missed the flight. I was shocked as I was well before the schedule. He then told me that I have booked the ticket for a day before and I have come to the airport the next day. Huh .. Not again is what has strike my mind. I had to pay some no show fine and again get the ticket back to Singapore.

Lessons learned, check the tickets and dates of travel properly.


Pradnya Shetye said...

Whoa Babbu... my bro had done the similar thing once, mised his flight and went to the airport the next day thinking that that day was the travel day :)

Anonymous said...

I went to the wrong airport once :)