Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Best Friends Wedding

As a child, I moved a lot because of dad getting transferred every now and then. I was never so comfortable making friends where ever I went. I always had one or two friends where ever I went. When I came to my high school, I came to Hyderabad and got settled there. It was in my +2 that I actually started making friends and socialising. It was day 1 at Special Coaching center where I met my best friend Kishore.

From there it is now a journey of 14 years of relationship. I still remember the day one in my college when I sat besides him and slept during the class. We quickly hit it off and our friendship grew into the odd man-love, that cant be explained, but just understood. There were many funny, sentimental, serious moments during these days.

I have planned many things for his marriage, right from when to go to Hyd to what to wear in the marriage. I was never interested in staying in the wedding for the whole time. But as this wedding is special and interesting for me, I wanted to experience each and every aspect of this marriage and be part of most of it.

The day has come and on April 3rd, Nandu got married. I will post the marriage details later. But right now I am very happy for the couple and just waiting for them to land in Singapore while they are on their honeymoon trip.


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