Monday, June 21, 2010

Its June

I know its an accurate yet pointless title. The fact is I have been real busy all these days and I wanted to write something here.

For last two months I have been working even on the weekends and the schedules and unplanned work is killing my sleep. I have so many complaints from family and friends that I am not being in touch with them. I guess I should convey these messages to my managers.

This month has been special so far as it was my parents 32nd Successful Marriage Anniversary. Even though I was not there I was hoping that they would have a great time and celebrate many more anniversaries. Its also Father's day this month and it would have been great if I was there with my dad. Last but not the least, Its French Open, NBA, FIFA & Iphone 4 release.

I also saw some real good movies this month which includes Prince of Persia, Karate Kid and Toy Story. I also saw Raavan which was badly made. For the next whole week I will be again busy with my work schedule. Thats all from me now.