Friday, May 16, 2008

Coming Home

This month have been a bit busy with one of my friend coming to Singapore, work being allocated to me, and my trip to India arrangements. So I couldnt really blog.

Today is the D-Day to go home. Tonight at 8PM I have Singapore Airlines flight from Changi Airport to Hyderabad New International Airport. I have been thinking of this day for past 1 month. People were very curious for the reason behind my short trip to Hyderabad. Everybody thought that I was going for selecting a girl for marriage. But the truth was something else.

I am going to join my parents for a trip to North India. They planned a trip for 9 days.

Delhi - > Nainital - > Ranikhet - > Bageshwar - > Kausani - > Almora - > Haldwani - > Back Delhi.

The saddest part from my side is I will be in Hyderabad only for 20 or22 hrs :(

Hope my trip will be successful. I have already packed my bags and am ready with my camera and camcorder to shoot the whole trip. Will share the photos here once I am back.