Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sick Leave

I had been on sick leave yesterday. Was I really sick? No :). I went to my friends house warming cermony. Had a great time there. Had my lunch and by the time I came back home in the hot scorching sun, I really fell sick and was suffering from headache. I dont remember even a single day which I have really taken a sick leave when I was really sick ;). I think this is the case with everyone. Sick leaves are like boon for all the employees. Now a days people take 5 days leave and last two days would be sick leave so that they will actually use only 3 annual leave. But as we have just 7 sick leaves we actually use them very calculatively.

So how do you use them? Do you really use your sick leave when you are really sick?


Kavya said...

No way!! gonna use my sick leave when i go 2 india in aug :-)

Mr. Cool said...

Hmmm do you really have sick leaves in US for contractors?

Anonymous said...

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