Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Conversation with CC Agent

This was the conversation shared by my cousin which her friend had with a credit card agent. Today one of my colleague got a call from such an agent and hence remembered the conversation. As usual the credit card agents are girls to talk as sweetly as possible and lure the customers. I have some friends who have actually made some good friends with these agents. Anyways I am deviating from the topic. Here it goes.

Credit Card Agent Girl: CCAG
My Cousin's Friend: MCF

Phone ringing ... Tring Tring ... sorry not sure of the ring tone ;)

MCF: Hello
CCAG: Hello Sir Good Morning, I am calling from ICICI Bank.

MCF: This is regarding?
CCAG: We are offering a credit card with 0% annual fee.

MCF: Thanks but I am not interested.
CCAG: No sir please listen to this and then you can decide.

MCF: First of all how did you get my number.
CCAG: We have a database sir from where we dial some random numbers.

MCF: (Reluctantly) yeah tell me.
CCAG: This card is blah blah blah ...

(After 5 minutes of explaining about the card)

CCAG: So Sir you just need to give your pay slip and 2 photos and fill a form. So what do you do sir?

MCF: Nothing I just sit at home watching TV.
CCAG: So are you a student sir?

MCF: No I just sit at home doing nothing.
CCAG: (Confused) oh ok ... hmmm

CCAG: What does your father do sir?
MCF: Nothing he sits besides me and watches TV.

CCAG: (Understood what he was referfing to and fumingly) What sir you are joking ... are you not interested in the card.
MCF: That is what I have said in the first place.

Angrily the girl kept down the phone.

I have shared this story with many people and they have also used the conversation to avoid such calls.