Thursday, February 26, 2009

Delhi 6 - Too much of Monkey Business

Raykesh Omprakash Mehra has a fetish for social messages and Hollywood inspired movies. Aks which was inspired from Face-Off and message he tried was to show victory of good over the evil. His second movie Rang de basanti‘ which was again inspired from the Hollywood movies like All my Sons and Jesus De Montreal focused on the awakening of the youth and raising their voice in protest. Now he came up with Delhi 6 which was on sightings of the monkey man in Delhi during 2001. I am not sure if there is some reference to any foreign film or not.

Yesterday I went to the movie with high expectations after the wonderful movie from him RDB. But I was more than disappointed to see such a movie from this guy. Delhi 6 however tries to deal with a lot of topics like untouchables, superstitious beliefs, communal harmony, middle class dreams, urban legends, lost love, sibling rivalry and finally the discovery of oneself. He tried to show lot of things while losing focus of the story he wanted to narrate.

Did not like:

- None of the songs were properly screened.
- Lead pair did not have the screen time.
- Too much of monkey business.
- Bad screenplay
- Dialogues failed to create any impact as it did in RDB
- Humor was too subtle.
- All the characters were loose
- No coherence in the story line
- The love scenes had no depth
- No sensible reasoning behind any of Abhishek's decisions
- What happened to Sonam Kapoor's Indian Idol dream?


- Sonam Kapoor's fresh face.
- Parts of Ramayan being shown as reference to the story line. (Same as Bhagat Singh in RDB)
- Brillliantly shown the way people take advantage of a situation. (Communal groups and politicians)

This movie intends to hold a mirror to you and force you to get rid of the monkey in you and get on with life!