Monday, August 24, 2009

Fantastic Week

Last week has been really nice. It was joyful and eventful all through the week.

Saturday - Marie and Olivier came. We all went to Clarke Quay. Had a nice time there knowing each other. We slept around 3 in the night.

Sunday - Had bad headache and was at home doing nothing.

Monday - At work it was fine. Back home Olivier entertained us with his guitar.

Tuesday - I and Swetha called all my friends as we were giving a parting dinner to Marie and Olivier. We all had fun singing songs while Olivier playing the guitar.

Wednesday - Nagaraj gave party at Mirchi on the occasion of his 9th successful marriage anniversary. He was thrilled to see surprise from Shobha. We arranged 9 roses and a cake for him.

Thursday - We went to friends apartment for a couple of drinks with Martini.

Friday - As the next day we were going to Cruise to no where, we had to go home early and sleep.

Saturday - Had a nice time on the Cruise to no where.

Sunday - Went to temple. Had sumptuous lunch. Watched 2 movies. Had mirchi bajji, thanks to Srinivas.