Thursday, August 27, 2009

Painful Start

Last week was great I hoped this week also to go well. Not everthing will go as we wish for. After 5 days I came to office. This time its not because I went on a holiday somewhere, but its because of the intense pain in the right shoulder and arm. The jumps (to take some pics) that we did on the cruise on Saturday has caused some swelling on the right shoulder. It was very painful and I don't really remember so much pain in recent past. I couldn't sit or sleep or walk. What ever I did it was very painful. It was a very uncomfortable situation. Thanks to Swetha's good care, becuase of which today I am back to office with less pain. If things go well today then I will be fine, otherwise I will have to visit a specialist to see what else has gone wrong.

Thanks to this pain, I and Swetha could spend 5 complete days at home without any outsider friends.