Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Swetha

Its been surprises all the way for Swetha since day she married me. Now before you jump for conclusions, these are all pleasant surprises. This time was about her birthday. Swetha's birthday was on 18th January which was Monday, so I thought we will celebrate on 17th so that we can have enough time in partying.

I and Surya planned things in such a way that Swetha had no clue about what was going on. We all were behaving as if we forgot about her birthday. We had sumptous biryani prepared by Rakesh at 230J. Then we went to see yet a disaster movie of NTR, Adhurs. It was already 9.30 by the time movie was completed and still Swetha was waiting for a sign from me and friends so that some one would say it out. But everything was taken care so well that everyone acted well.

Meanwhile Surya booked a table at Sapphire in Jewel box which had a greate view from the top of Mt. Faber. We took a taxi from the theater pretending that the Nagaraj was giving a party for his promotion. We went to the restaurant, had nice food, drinks and we enjoyed the cool breeze and view at the top. It was around 11.30PM when we decided to leave, its then that the steward got the cake (brought by Santosh) from behind and kept it before Swetha. The expression on Swetha's face the next moment was priceless.

She was very happy the way I have organized the whole thing. Since then everyone is asking what gift I have given to Swetha and I have been replying the same, "I have given her sweet memories to cherish".