Monday, March 31, 2008

Hyderabadi Hindi

There are my friends from other states said that they didnt like Hyderabad. As the days passed they fell in love with this city. The two main things which fascinates people the most are its culture and its language. It is a blend of orthodox Islamic tradition and the present generation.

Hyderabadi’s have there own style of speaking. Their clothing, their sense of humour every thing has that “zara hatke “ touch. I just can’t stop myself in writing a post on this unique language.

Its very easy and fun to speak… Some of the words are below:

Never say nahi use “nakko”

Replace haan with “hao”

Don’t ask kyun say “kaiku”

If confused just say “maire ku kya maloom”

We call Stupid “haula” in hyderabadi…

Some of the used sentences….(try to read it in normal hindi accent)

“Khaali pili tum logan time kaiku waste kar rahe … lite lo mama…..”
—–> why you people are wasting your time just chill.

“baigan ki tumhari…. Kya houla ho gaya kya?? Kaiku dum karra ? panchkad khayega phukat main “
——> “brinjal of yours…. Have you gone mad .??why are you irritating me ? you will unnecessarily get a slap from me.

"Kya mamu, kya baataan karte tum"
->Dude, what are you talking

"aage kuch bhi nakko poocho miyan!"
->don't ask anything more dude

"hau re, Hyderabad me to aisa hi hota"
-> Yes buddy, this is how it happens in Hyderabad

"pata nai kaiku dimag kharab karre yaaro subah subah"

"Yaaro, unne dhakkan logaan hai, unno kya maalum ki Hyderabadi hindi aisai bolte"
-> what should I say about those jerks, we speak Hindi like this only in Hyderabad

"kya mamu, kaise hain tum... aaj kal dikhraich nai?"
->long time no see

"hona bol ke"
-> Wantedly

“kya to bhi hai ye… maakikirkiri”
——-> whats that man … maakikirkiri

Here in Hyderabad if you ask for direction then the answer you get is
"seedha chale jao"
"tumhaareku pachhees turnaa lena padta" (you have to take 25 turns)

People here use "parso" for yesterday dayafter or 1 month or 1 year back.

and the most popular, In case of any problem just say

“lite le mamu “

this is the language of general crowd in hyderabad. I am sure most of you must be finding it difficult to understand but if you stay in Hyderabad then you should atleast give it a try.

“Bhai logan try karne main kya zarra”.

Ain't it fun!!! "Chindiyaa hai" (Superb)!!


Hatha me hath milake,
Hatha me hath milake,
anguthi churake chali gayi,
abhi gale milne ko aari,
kya karati ki kya ki……

chay pine ko aake,
chay pine ko aake,
saucer churake chali gayi,
abhi full meals ko aari,
kya karati ki kya ki……..

pahalich mulakat me ,
pahalich mulakat me ,
five star me chuna lagai,
abhi date pe leke jao bolari,
kya karati ki kya ki……….

sagai sagai bolake,
sagai saagi bolake,
puri shopping karali,
abhi shadi shadi bolari
kya karati ki kya ki……


Pradnya Shetye said...

maan gaye re mamu... kya blog likhe re tu... mast hai sahi mein... kahan tha na terekko main.. tu achcha likhta hain re...

Mr. Cool said...

haha thanks ... lekin mera complete innovation nahin tha yeh .. I have found some similar article on bihari language on the net .. so thought shall write down on Hyderabadi hindi also ...

Sabita said...

Wo kya he ki. Tu to ekdum mast blog likha re. Abhi apne team me ek banda he. Wo bhi aaise ich hindi bolta.
"Chakar dal ke aayenge"
"Baloon ko tel(oil) dala"
Kaafi must hindi bolte re tum logan.

Mr. Cool said...

Ab kya kare hyderabadi hain ..

Anonymous said...

great post