Monday, March 31, 2008

My Colleagues

When I was about to join my first company I was very much speculative about the colleagues that I am going to work with. I was out of the college where we used to have fun everyday and never was so disciplined and punctual in college. But to my wonder I always had a great company of good friends as my colleagues. I dedicate this post to everybody who worked with me.

My First Break @ GTL

My first career break was at Goldstone. The got my offer on my birthday as a gift to me. I was not sure how my colleagues are going to be. But when I went into the company to my wonder most of them in the team were freshers. We were again just a like a bunch of college students hanging out. As we used to have night shifts we enjoyed a lot. Even the seniors were so friendly and even they had a great time with us. At goldstone I made some of my friends for life time. They were the people who made me from zero( a second class graduate who had no experience and no software knowledge) to a hero( while leaving got 6 offers out of 7 interviews that I attended)

My Learning curve @ CA

My first day was always tough through out my life. I was always nervous on the first days. The same was the case with CA. Even here I was hoping to get good colleagues. On my day 1 I have found that I was the first person in the team who knew Business Objects. I already have 3 colleagues who were just kids out from their colleges. They were really nice to me. Later the team started to grow and I have made lot of friends in the team and I am still in contact with almost everyone even after leaving. Here I had an oppurtunity to work on the latest technologies. Everyone was an expert in some field and everyone supported me with their technical assistance.

My holidaying @ CS

When I got an offer from Singapore, I started to think whether I will have to go or not. This was becuase I heard a lot that the work in Singapore would be more and they would make you work even on weekends. But when I came to Singapore and joined CS, I am enjoying life as if I am on a holiday to Singapore. Here there is no work as the process is not so good. The work is still pending with the team who has to hand it over to my team. Even in this situations I learned lot of things which would be help ful in my future career. My colleagues here are having double the experience that I have. But everyone is very good and friendly with me.

So finally I would say I have always been lucky with respect to the colleagues that I have worked with. They have always been good and supportive.


Pradnya Shetye said...

wat re... hum kids hai kya??

Mr. Cool said...

Aur nahin tho kya hain ... tum log tho bache ho ...