Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Beautiful Surprise

I always wanted to go to a beautiful location for my honeymoon like Mauritius, Seychelles or Maldives. I was not aware of other beautiful locations like Langkawi, Bali and Phuket until I came to Singapore. In October-08 once my marriage was fixed, I started thinking as where I can go for my honeymoon. First place that came to my mind was Mauritius.

Before I book some place, I wanted to know the interest of my wife for honeymoon trip. She wanted a dream location where the house would in the middle of the sea, beach to be very accessible, raining when we are in the beach, good view of sunrise and sunset, waterfalls and some of which I don't remember now. After searching for all the resorts I could only see one place made especially for my honeymoon. Thats the Berjaya Resort in Langkawi.

Once I decided to go to Langkawi, I immediately booked the Flight and Hotel bookings in the first week of November for the month of April. I wanted to give a surprise to my wife and hence did not reveal about any of these plans to her. After more than a month after marriage Swetha came to Singapore on April 2nd. She had no idea as where we were planning to go.

On April 9th I took her to Changi airport and boarded the KL flight and she was convinced that we are going to stay in KL for 4 days and come back. I am sure she was disappointed to have a honeymoon planned in a concrete jungle like KL. Once we landed in KL, I made her literally run to catch a connecting flight to Langkawi. She had no clue about this place and she was thinking that it would be yet another city. Just before the flight was about to land in Langkawi she was excited to see all the water and islands around the airport. Then she realized and felt happy that she was going to stay on an island.

We booked a taxi and went to Berjaya Resort. We sat in the lobby and waited for the receptionist to make the arrangements. Once she was done she came to us and told us that she was giving the best room in the resort. Even this statement was a bit vague for Swetha but still she was anxious to see the room.

Once we reached the room she was totally jumping with joy as she could see everything she asked for on a fun phone conversation. We stayed on a premiere chalet on water which was totally private and into the sea. We were able to see a beautiful sunrise, but were a bit disappointed as we couldn't see the sunset which would be behind the hill on which the resort was constructed. There was enough rain when we were at the beach and enjoyed the water sports. We also went to water fall near by our resort and had a great time there too.

So over all I would say that I have given a beautiful surprise to my wife and which we both would cherish for rest of our lives.


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