Wednesday, April 29, 2009

First Day at M.G.I.T

This was a mail which I mailed my college group some where in 2004, one year after my college. While checking my previous mail I came across this mail and wanted to have this in my blog.

This is how it goes:

Hey All

I just wanted to share my first day experience in the college. You people may think that why this fellow is mailing this at this time. This is just to make the group active and I want all of them to mail their first day experience in the college. If some of the people don't like this please excuse me, I just wanted a topic so that again there will be some flood in the mails this month also.

Coming to the topic. I got 6044 rank as u people know. My counseling was on 7th of August 1999. First day in the college was on 20th December 1999. Then started the life in MGIT. I have always enjoyed each and every moment in the college with all u people and also I thank each and everyone who have been supportive to me all the 4 years.

First guy whom I met before joining the college was Muralidhar( Apna Computer Expert and Fav Moderator). I went to his place on 20th Dec and met him and had a small chat. That day I came to college alone where as many of them came to college with their parents. I came in CBIT Tarnaka bus which was a hell. From then I never came in CBIT Tarnaka bus. But first day journey was very boring and long. I couldn't understand anything as the journey took 1 and half hour.

I landed in CBIT and then one of the CBIT senior showed the way to MGIT. I saw Sharon going to MGIT from CBIT. I prayed to god and said that this girl should be from 1st year. I followed Sharon. She went into the orientation hall. I could call the new faces very enthusiastic and very eager. I remember only the faces of Sharon Manjusha Cheeku Gottam anteh. That day was real boring and it was one of the boring days in the college. I was a bit excited about joining Engineering and also a bit scared of how I could cope with so many Intellects (Mechatronites).

The second day I came at 8:45AM to the college. There was not even a single student in the college. I was a bit scared and confused where to go. Then I saw a student coming towards me who was already there in the college. I was a bit scared as I thought he was a senior. He came and asked me "First Year?" I said "Yes". To my wonder even he said "I am also from first year." He came to college at 8:30 AM."He introduced himself as Tummuluri Suryanarayana from Bhimavaram"( as u people know he is the topper of the class). Then I met Bhanu from IT (well known as DJ NASH). He was also from Andhra so vadu veedu vesukunnaru full chat. Then came the rest. That day it was nice to see all the people meeting each other. That day I met Murali, Chotu also.

I saw there were three people sitting in the first bench. They introduced themselves to the class saying their ranks and they were the best 3 ranks in the class. I thought I have to make friendship with these guys at any cost as they are very intelligent and talented. These 3 guys are Ajay, Srinivas and Balu.

This is what I remember of my first day. I came home and told this whole sodi to my parents and cousins. OK guys I am finishing the mail here. I hope at least some of them liked this idea of sharing the first day experience and hope people will respond to this mail and share their experiences. Please take some time from your busy schedule and share your ideas.

Take care
All the best
Sudheendra Reddy Palwai(Sudha Alias Babbu)

Its always nice to read older mails and remember past events.


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