Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Rupee Symbol

The Government of India has invited the public to suggest a symbol for the Rupee. Just as the Dollar is universally denoted by $' the government thinks the Rupee should also have its own unique symbol that captures a sense of India's history and culture. Listed below are 19 suggestions from ET's team of designers in the mentioned link. Please vote for the one you find best. ET will present all these symbols ' along with the ET viewers' preference' to the Ministry of Finance .


I personally din't like any of those, so I did something of my own..pretty simple and usable.I feel A Rupee need not necessarily start with letter R. The symbol I designed, is I as in INDIA and couple of horizontal lines which is easy to comprehend by most people as currency notation..coz dollar, euro, pound do have these lines in either horizontal or vertical fashion in those respective symbols. So keeping that tradition of major currencies of world and yet having an I which means India and also which is simple and easy to write after numerical figures made sense to me.

The above symbol is the one I personally designed and liked. I just hope it doesn't match with any existing symbols in the world.


- R

P.S: People reading this blog out there care to let me know if you have already seen this symbol anywhere else so that I can scrap it to start thinking bout something else.


Ramya said...

I tried to email indiatimes..but they seem to have closed the acceptance on this or I don't exactly know the reason but I got my email delivery failure. Will try searching for another email. If I fail to send my post to them..then what!! well atleast I tried :) thats important.

Soumen Das said...

Please refer to the link below:

Anonymous said...

Govt.of India , economic affair department ran a competetion to design a symbol for rupee like dollar have $ at its website

here is my entery to the contest..
My simplest yet worthy “peace of art” for Indian Rupee Symbol link..

Anonymous said...

If it's online DAIRY, where's the milk?