Friday, August 29, 2008

Felon - One of the great Prison Movies

Story of most of the Prison movies is almost the same. Usually A nice guy being convicted for a crime that he did not do is sent to prison and face the consequences. I started watching the movie with the same impression. As the movie started I was looking forward for those friends, enemies and traps that are normally involved in these movies.

The movie all about a man who is working hard to start his business and create a comfortable life for his family. The hard work start reaping the fruits of his labour and life suddenly brings some unexpected twist. He finds himself in prison. From here we see his transformations of the man who is forced into a completely new world where he has no control.

This movie gives us a clear picture of the extreme conditions that prevail in American correctional system. It shows how people can get corrupted by power. All the actors (Stephen Dorff, Val Kilmer, Harold Perrineau and others) in this movie have done wonderfully well in their characters. The story is very well told. At the end of the movie, we start thinking how the correctional system has so many flaws and how it makes people to become their worst, both as inmates and as guards. The best part of the film is it also shows that even in these circumstances, there are great acts of humanity and compassion.

Felon, is an excellent film with great acting, a great plot and good dialog. Lots of suspense, good solid action, excellent cinematography and great acting make this film a must see for drama/suspense fans. I would rate it 9 out of 10