Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A New Chapter in AP Politics

Yesterday was a Historic day for the fans of Chiranjeevi. He in a very good cinematic style has launched his party “PRAJA RAJYAM”. He had this party meeting in tirupathi where 9 lacs fans were gathered which seemed like a sea of chiranjeevi’s fans. Before he came on to the stage they played movies of chiranjeevi which were related to some social issues. There were a total of 70 gaint screens to show the proceedings.

He also unveiled the party flag which has White, Green, Red and Yellow colors in it. It meant that the white and green flag with rising sun in the middle, would spread the power round-the-clock to every nook and corner and the yellow lining around the sun is the smile on the faces of the people.

Chiranjeevi gave a speech for more than an hour. The only thing that I did not like about that was reading the same from the paper. The impact would have been much more if he has actually spoke without seeing into the paper. In his speech he spoke about the issues like Telangana, naxalism, corruption and categorization of Scheduled Castes. He said he would take a collective decision after some scientific evaluation.

He was very careful in choosing the words for the speech. One of them I felt was “On these sensitive issues, I cannot take an immediate decision”. He has taken a real good care of the crowd who came there. But, because of that huge crowd there was some bad news of 1 dieing and 35 getting injured.

Finally lets hope he will stand by his cinematic image and do something or at least a little good to the society and his fans. I don't really have much in depth knowledge or analysis to comment on his stand in politics but I would wish and hope for something good to happen for AP politics.