Monday, August 25, 2008

Taken is Awesome

My cousin wanted me to watch this movie. He said its a nice fast paced action movie. That sounded good and I immediately downloaded the movie. I didn't really read any reviews about this movie. Its just with the word of mouth that I started watching the movie.

Actually speaking I was not sure about the story and the starcast.
The film started really well. Right from the start I could sense that the picture was going to be a thriller. Once the movie started and before I could even realise it was over. 93 minutes, gone just like that without any notice. The movie had chasing, fighting, shooting, excitement and even the emotional scenes carried at a good pace.

The direction was so perfect that the movie had all that ingredients which would make us stick to the seat till the end of the movie. The last scene was very touching and emotional. Some of the scenes were so good that I couldn't stop my excitement that I started clapping. I would rate this movie 10 out of 10 mainly for the pace of the movie. Though the film is short, it was really really really good. I would definitely watch this movie on big screen if that releases in Singapore.


Mekala said...

Watch FELON. Slow paced action movie. A movie that tells you that when things are normal, that is a very good state of being, you never know what turn life would take next.

Mr. Cool said...

Sure will watch both INTO THE WILD and FELON before the weekend ..
You have a real good taste of movies ..

Anonymous said...

hey thanx for the was awesome

Mr. Cool said...

Thanks to Munnu Bava