Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Long time back when I was kid I used play this game called scrabble. At that time me and my brother used to play it with great interest. Later years as we grew up we tend to play more outdoor games and I dont even remember where my scrabble board has gone. After so many years yesterday when I went to Mustafa Center I saw this scrabble board in the kids section. As soon as I saw that I was nostalgic and decided to buy. I bought a new board for S$39.

I came home and sat with Mahesh to play the game. For Mahesh this was the first time. After a while it became very competetive and we used some good words. Atlast we were left with just 1 letter each. I won the match and the scores were 378-332. It was great fun and I shall play this regularly from now, on weekends.


Sabita said...

I too used to play when I was a kid. I will also buy one.
Long weekend is coming now. I have no plans. :( It will b boring.

Mr. Cool said...

Hmmm acha hain ... main bhi yeh weekend ka yehi plan hain ...