Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Five Point Someone

After One Night @ Call Center, I started reading Chetan Bhagat's first book Five Point Someone. I heard that Raj Kumar Hirani is making a movie based on this movie starring Aamir Khan. After reading this book I thought there is so much to relate to our lives. The story is about three students with different backgrounds coming together at IIT.

Story shows that these guys get frustrated with pressures of assignments & grading system. They feel that the system is not correct and its only promoting mugging and there is no appreciation for the original work. They decide to enjoy the college life by placing themselves at the edge of the passing percentage which they call 5.0+ GPA (Five Point Something GPA).

Even though I am not an IITian,
Even though I was never traumatized by our professors,
Even though I never had these unending quizzes and assignments,
I liked this book a lot.

But the similarities that I have found in my life from the book are:
Like the three heroes of the novel Ryan, Hari & Alok , I found my best friends of life in those 4 years of graduation.
Ragging as freshers.
Bunking our classes.
Eating at roadside dhaba after college hours.
Talking about the girls and the affairs.
Most important of all, even I am some where near to Five Point Something. As the main plot goes these guys think that they have to enjoy their graduation life, is what I have also thought long time back and have settled for just Five Point Something enjoying each and every moment of those 4 years.

As I flipped through the pages of novel, I could remeber so many events from my college life. Its just like a nostalgic journey of the time we spent at our alma mater.


Anonymous said...

Try reading this book..