Thursday, September 18, 2008

One Night @ Call Center

In all my profiles I always write "I Hate Books". This time when I was coming back from Hyderabad, I was alone and had to kill sometime even at Bangalore airport. Meanwhile my eyes went to Landmark bookshop at Hyderabad airport. Just went inside with no intention of buying any books.

I have seen a book with the name ‘One Night @ The Call Center’. I heard a lot about this book. I have mainly heard about this because Katrina Kaif was acting in the film based on this book. So I became curious after seeing the book and thought I will read it. This was the second book of the IIT and IIM student Chetan Bhagat.

I just started it with a very little interest and as the story went on I got more and more interested in the book. It had all that youth element in it and also had the masala required for a bollywood movie. It had the comedy, tragedy, romance, action and complete entertainment. Even though I have worked in such a call center for more than 2 years I never experienced such a night. After reading this book I thought this guy would be one of best storytellers of the new genre.

The book was nearly 280 pages and was extremely racy (even though I felt a little drag in the story at some points) and also engaging. It is all the more interesting because the novel is centered on the India’s new generation. I was so desperate to finish this book as I did not want to wait for long time. I read the whole book in a single day. The language used in the book was also very much easy to understand.

Hence I would suggest this book as the first book to get interest in reading books for any starters. I am planning to read his first book Five Point Something which is based on three IITians.