Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Influential Cinema

Yesterday I have seen a movie called Meet John Doe. This was one such movie which would make us think about the subject even after the completion of the movie. Movie making has two reasons to make a movie. One is for entertainment and other for making people think about a subject. In fact both the movies leave good impact on audience provided actors and subject are professionally selected.

Movies that are made for entertainment, help people forget about their daily problems and stress. It's a way of having fun and enjoying life. In most of the countries where war and trouble is prevailed, entertaining movies will help innocent civilians at least make their life easy, have an ambitious at a better future.

On the other hand movies made for audience to think also have a great impact on the common man. These movies give us facts and stories about very important events, and very important people. Many influential novels have been made into movies as the whole novel can be explained in just 3 hours and still influence the common man. These movies which make us think not only allows us to improve the way of looking at life but also helps in making others life comfortable.

It would be hard or harsh for anyone to choose between these two types of movies. Depending on the situation and mood we can actually choose the movie. Also the film makers should think about making both variety of movies rather than just making the mass masala movies. Actually filmmakers can think of movies like Charlie Chaplin where they made people think and at the same time gave lot of entertainment.


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