Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Do I really care?

For the past 1 week there have been so many incidents going around the world.

Congress won the elections in state and central elections. So do I really care? I am in Singapore and I never understood politics.

Deccan Chargers have almost booked their seat in Semis in the IPL. So do I really care? Here none of the native players are performing and hence its a waste to support the team from where I am.

Prabhakaran died. But tamilnet.com says he is alive. So do I really care? No. I am not sure why LTTE is formed and I dont know what prabhakaran is upto now a days.

Stock market was up 17% in a single day. People say its just a speculation and it will go down. So do I really care? Yes. Because of this speculation the rupee strengthened and the dollar value reduced which is actually bad for all the people who send money to India.

Kick movie is a hit. So do I really care? Yes as I am very much interested in movies.

My favorite Katrina was in Singapore. So do I really care? No because I was too busy to go and see her at the shooting of the film.

Now finally you may say that I have very less general knowledge and hence I dont care about any of the current affairs happening round the world.

Yes, as a common man for me most important in a week is how my company is doing? Are they firing anybody? How is project going on? Am I getting the solutions to my issues? etc. This is not selfish, but then this is for my bread and butter and if time permits then I try to learn about the happenings around the world but dont really have time to care about any of these.