Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Invasion of Privacy

How can someone peep into my system when I am doing something personal. I have never tried to know what others are doing at their personal front. If I feel like telling then I myself would share the things. I don't understand when people will understand that invasion of one's privacy is stupidness.


Park said...

and how about, folks coming and standing silently behind you and watch you type emails? watch you write code or watch you do your stuff?

if you turn around and see them, then 'Hey, I "just" came by to get something from you"

and how about folks checking out your draws without permission, grabbing your personal pictures without your consent... "KNOWING" very well that you will not appreciate it

finally the icing on the cake...

how about folks abusing you in filthy language( in a non English language) wen you let them know that this sneaky invasion of privacy is not to your liking...

I guess, you are standing out as a "different" person in you office i.e. you do things which a normal 8am to 5 pm person would love to do and never does, and what you do is very visible and audible i.e. you are very explicit about your life.

1. PUT A MIRROR ON YOUR MONITOR, which will give you a clear picture of whats behind you.

2. Remove all important personal documents or folders from your desktop into C driveand have a password for the folders.

3. Lock your personal desk draws.

4. Dont be a BBC about your personal life.

5. Ignore if you can.

6. Give benefit of doubt, and keep giving it if this is just a minor irritant.