Monday, July 06, 2009

Movie Updates

In contrary to my previous week, I have seen many movies this week.

When Harry met Sally - What can I say about this classic (4.5/5)
As Good as it Gets - Jack Nicholson's one more master piece (4.5/5)
Ice Age 3 - Awesome (4.5/5)
Nirnayam - Great Comedy (4/5)
Vision Quest - Average (2.5/5)
Race - Musical (3/5)
Mental Krishna - Could watch only for 15 minutes (0/5)
We are Marshall - Nice movie (3.5/5)
Surya s/o Krishnan - Musical and first half is good (3.5/5)
Kotha Bangaru Lokam - Musical and good movie (4/5)
Bonnie and Clyde - Expectations were high and movie was average (2.5/5)
Without Limits - Good film and came to know about Steve Prefontaine (3.5/5)
What about Bob - Nice film (3.5/5)
Naa Girlfriend baga rich - Could watch only for 15 minutes (0/5)

I guess I am forgetting some .. I shall update them once I reach home.


Park said...

'The Eagle Eye', 'Graduation', 'Running Scared'.


Mr. Cool said...

I already watched Eagle Eye.
GRaduation and Running Scared I shall soon see :-)

Park said...

'Running Scared' is adults only. Very good background music score too.

Mr. Cool said...

I have seen Graduation movie .. it was nice but not a great movie when compared to other suggestions you made till date.