Friday, July 24, 2009

Public Enemies

After a long wait for the much hyped movie Public Enemies, last night I was able to see it on the first day of release in Singapore. I had high expectations on the movie. Why not as Johny Depp was in the movie and it was about the most famous bank robber John Dillinger. Before watching the movie I had gone through wikipedia about John Dillinger and understood about his heroics and hence expected the same in the movie.

The Cinematography and Screenplay were awesome. The acting of all the characters were very good. But the only thing which disappointed me is the shooting and the running scenes. They were dragged a bit and lost the charm of the scenes. Overall I found that the movie did not live upto its expectations.

Other than this movie, I saw two other movies this week at my home. Both are old movies but best movies. Toy Story 1 and Wall-E. I and Swetha couldnt stop laughing at most of the scenes in these movies. Also the way emotions were animated in these movies was simply superb.

Finally below is my rating for movies this week
Toy Story - 5/5
Wall-E - 5/5
Public Enemies - 3/5