Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Do you enjoy your work?

I have always encountered this question in my life, "Do you enjoy your work?". I spontaneously say "NO". I gave justification saying that I don't really like working and just for survival I am working. But even I was not convinced or satisfied with my answer.

During this Diwali weekend I was again in the same situation but this time I got the proper answer which I felt was very convincing and satisfying to hear. The girl who asked me this question gave her answer for the same question.

She said: "I love music, travelling etc and if I start loving my job and spending more time there, then I don't think I can spend time for those activities which I love more".

On the similar note I felt that I was having the same thing in mind but never came out with such a self explanatory answer. From now on I have the answer for this question :-).


Park said...

1. But how will you sponser your travel, music, movie, eat out hobbies, if you dont love your work?

2. Are you saying that you will live in a denial state every day your go to work - 5 days a week, and make money for your hobbies rest of the week and be happy on those 2 days?

I'm confused, someone help me :)

Mr. Cool said...

Haha .. I expected this comment from you. Infact we guys at office had a debate on this topic for quite sometime.

The important thing that I missed to mention in this is what kind of work that I do not like. As of now working from 9 to 6 is always good. But the work culture that I am in is really bad and manager himself expects the employees to stay late and work, rather than correcting his schedules.

By the way to sponser my trips and hobbies, I dont think I have to love my job, I think its enough to do my job.

Coming to living in denial state, I am not sure how to put this in words. But yes there are many days when I went to office literally pushing myself.

As its a survival game, I guess I have to welcome both the good and the bad days at office.

Park said...

I'm pushing myself with a bulldozer, to get me to work this morning :)