Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Helping Hand

Not everybody can do good things and help people. I am proud of my dad as he has done it many a times till date. The recent Kurnool relief operation is one more Feather in dad's Cap.

A day after the floods in Kurnool, dad called me and asked me to see the news (which normally I don't care about). I switched logged into the Internet news and came to know about the situation in AP. After a while I called dad to discuss how it is going and how is everyone over there. Dad then told me that he is doing a relief operation for the affected people. As usual being a lazy bum, I asked my dad to give money to someone and they would take care. But he insisted on doing it by himself and if I am interested I can do some contribution.

Immediately, I sent message to all my friends in Singapore, called friends and cousins in USA to ask if they are interested in contributing to this noble cause. To my surprise, I got so many positive responses and was able to send the contributions around 100K (15K (From MGIT friends) + 17.5 (From Singapore Friends) + 40.5K (From Nandu and his friends) + 15K (Ramya and her Friends) + 5K (From Munnu bava) + 6K (From Swetha's Friends))

This overwhelming response has motivated dad further and has done the helping activities in two different phases.

Phase 1:
Around 50 volunteers were there to help in cooking and packing the rice, water and clothes.
Around 30 volunteers went into the affected areas to distribute the food and water.
Over 1300Kg of rice has been cooked and packed.
6 vans left Hyderabad in the night and distributed over several affected villages by next day afternoon.

Phase 2:
Hundreds of blankets were sent to the needful.
Some of the daily food items were also sent along.

Result of the operation:
Many appreciations and blessings to all those who have helped in this activity.

Note: You can see the video which came in the news here.


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