Thursday, October 29, 2009

Point of Inspiration

Its been around 1.5 year that I bought the my DSLR camera, but never used it to the potential. I always used the regular Automatic or No Flash or Sports or Sunset or Night modes which are already preset. I was never convinced that I was taking some nice pictures even though my friends always appreciated my pictures. I was a bit lazy in reading the manual and learning it. Nagaraj has been insisting since day 1 to read the manual and I have been overlooking that.

Picture taken by Marc and Sina

Last week when my couch surfing guests Marc and Sina, showed me the Singapore skyline picture that they took at night. I can say that, that was the moment of inspiration for me to actually know more and more insights into the photography. They taught me some tips as how to take night pictures and also waterfalls. I have tried the night photography yesterday and got quite impressive results for an amateur photographer. Hopefully I will try photographing waterfall too.

Here are the pics that I took.