Friday, October 03, 2008

Going Home Yet Again

Going home sounds so good. Its just not that I am going to meet parents and friends but there are many small factors because of which we feel going home is good.

Away from work (not going to office on a working day)
Away from tensions (As of now none)
Away from deadlines (Can extend :P)
Away from skipping meals (Can have 3 meals at home)
Away from Junk Food (No need of going to Pizza Hut, SubWay, McDonald's, KFC, Bread Talk or any other food court)
Away from local transport (Can drive my bike and car back home)

Anyways this time I am going for a complete different reason which I shall update very soon here. I have just now booked the ticket for Bangalore from where I shall go to Hyderabad. Tomorrow morning by 6AM I will be home.


Anonymous said...

Staying home on a working day:

The silence outside is so different from the silence you get to feel on a weekend.

As if the the entire world around you is in a race, and you are enjoying the whole setting in a slow motion.

I do it every week, plug my work into Monday, Tuesday on one side and Thursday on the other side. Work from home on Wedesday and enjoy some nice tea or coffe sitting in the patio after everyone around leaves for work.

Friday's are for preparing for weekend on personal front and next week on the work front.