Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The weekend update

This was Diwali (long) weekend and we planned many a things during the week. We thought of going to Malaysia. We did a lot of research on going to Kota Kinabalu. But as I did not have my Malaysian visa we finally had to decide something in Singapore. Surya came up with this idea of going for trekking at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve on Saturday, Golf on Sunday and Total rest on Monday. It was a bit different Friday night this time. We did not booze and slept early to keep the energy for the trekking.

Saturday morning we started off by 10 o clock for the trek. The trek was a bit exhausting and we came back home and slept till late evening. Everybody was frustrated with the tiredness during the trek. We cooked Carrot and Beens curry which did not have any special ingredients but was very nice to eat. I slept early at 12.30AM when compared to my regular late night stays.

Sunday morning when we woke up we were still struggling to get out of the couch as everybody was still feeling the pain of the trek. We dropped the plan of going for Golf. We spent the whole day sitting at home. In the evening we went out to Harbor Front to do some shopping and watch Ben Stiller's Directed and acted Tropic Thunder movie. It was a nice movie. I spoke to Dolly, Chinni and Swetha in conference call and was awake till 4 in the morning.

Monday which was Diwali holiday in Singapore started off by waking up late in the morning (actually because of my late night conference call). In the afternoon we cooked some fried rice and had it for lunch. We decided to go to temple in the evening. Going to temple comes to mind only when there is a festival or special event in life. At 6PM me and Surya got ready in traditional Kurta - Paijama and left for the temple. After the temple we met Rajeev (Surya's INSEAD friend), Anu (Rajeev's Wife) and Satish (cousin of Prashanth who is again Surya's INSEAD friend) and had dinner at Khansama.

Finally we came home and started cursing the next day as we have to go back to work after an eventful weekend.


Anonymous said...


By your normal standards this weekend was uneventful, isn't it?

Mail some pics of your trekking?

Did you guys Trake or Hike i.e. Hiking ?

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the typo "trek"..