Friday, October 24, 2008

Tea Time Gossip

One of my favorite times in the day at office is the evening tea time at 3PM. This consists of tea, coffee, ice milo, kaya bun etc served at the Pick n Bite stall. Its a great time to get together and gossip about the days events and what had happened in the meetings. We discuss a lot during this span of 30 minutes. Some of them are below:

Office gossip
Current Affairs
International Affairs
Movie gossip
Reviews on cars, bikes and movies
Travel & Living

So I thought from now on I can write something on the everyday gossip that we do during the tea time. Some of them might be stupid but some are really interesting.


Anonymous said...

Next weekend while ENJOYING your tea at home, watch 'INSIDE MAN'. You will like this movie.

Mr. Cool said...

I have already seen this movie twice :-) .. I liked it ... I am looking forward to see Thank You for Smoking .. this is a long pending movie ...