Tuesday, October 14, 2008

V-Day is the D-Day

There was some speculation about fixing the marriage date. There were some dates in November, February and March in consideration. Everybody felt November was too early and March was a little bit far. So dates in February were checked for the auspicious occasion. Firsly February 5th was considered which I have already shared with most of my friends.

Later after 3 days I was told by my parents that the date has been postponed. After hearing the new date I was more excited than the marriage. Everybody likes to have occasions on special days. Now my marriage date is also a special day in the calendar. Valentines Day is my marriage date. Even my friends were excited to hear that the marriage is on February 14th.

Now I say to friends about the date as "V-Day is the D-Day"


Anonymous said...

Well November could have been ideal to attend your marriage, but YES Vday is sweet to get married on.

Congratulations and good wishes.

Mr. Cool said...

Thanks a lot for the wishes ..

Anonymous said...

Did you contact the person ?