Thursday, June 04, 2009

I am a Life Saver

Do not get into conclusions, its just the quote on the pen given to me by Red Cross Singapore. Today evening we had a Blood donation camp organized at our office. Previously in India I donated blood twice and thought I shall do it once here also.

At 4.30 I went to second floor (ok I sit in the fourth floor) and asked for the registration form. They gave me a 4 page registration form in which I had to select all "No"s. I did that in couple of minutes and submitted the form.

Forgot to tell you the funny incident happened during this filling of the form. There was a question asking if I had taken any medication in the past 3 days. I had headache yesterday and took panadol and hence wanted to ask them if I have to select Yes or No. I went to the nurse and below was the conversation.

I: Hi, what should I fill in this field. It asks if I had taken any medication in past 3 days. I took a panadol for headache.
Nurse: When did u take it?

I: It was yesterday.
Nurse: Hmmm thinks for a while.

Nurse: OK fill it as no as you have taken yesterday and it ask past 3 days.

I was like shocked and wanted to laugh aloud, but then kept calm smiled at her and came back to my seat.

Coming back to the main topic, after submitting the form there was a blood test done which said I am fine and I went ahead to a nurse. She checked the form and then she checked the nerve on my hand and said she would take it from the right hand.

She took out a needle and started taking out the blood. I have always been scared of needles which I told her. She tried making a conversation with me asking if I have given blood previously and all that stuff.

After a while I started feeling giddiness and told the same to nurse and within seconds I fell unconscious. When I woke up, I saw that I was totally wet with sweat and was surrounded by as many as 10 people. My hand which was being used for taking the blood was having a bandage. I started feeling nausea and asked for a bag so that I can vomit. It happened twice and I was feeling bad about it as they were cleaning that whole mess.

After 30 minutes I became normal and then asked them if it was normal to happen like this to a person. They told that it was common and not to worry about it. Later I came to know that they have taken about 500ml blood while I gave about 200ml blood in India twice. So I decided one thing that I will not donate blood in Singapore again.

I came home and discussed the same with my roomies and one of my roomie had a similar experience in Singapore and then my decision not to give blood in Singapore has become stronger. Over all I am happy that I have donated the blood even though the aftermath was bad.


Pradnya Shetye said...

Hey Babbu... i experienced the same thing in college once...but it was normal blood quantity 250ml... fainted 3 times... guess what i have never donated blood again...