Monday, June 01, 2009

Surya's Happy Birth Day

I am just back from the party which Surya gave on occasion of his 27th birthday. Actually his birthday is June 1st, but then as it is a working day we roomies planned to have the fun today. We had a great time at the Indo Chine Lounge at Wisma Aitra at Orchard Road. Place was very good and happening. There was a live band playing for more than 2 hours when we were there. The singers were awesome and were funny. They also encouraged the people in the lounge to come and sing.

We had 8 or 9 rounds of drink each and were still wanting more. As it was about to hit the midnight we wanted to rush home for the cake cutting. We had a burger at McDonalds and took a taxi back home. At 12 Surya did the proceedings of cutting the cake and I took the honour of giving the birthday bumps :-)

Birtday Cake

Thats Surya talking to his Bro while cutting the cake

Thats the gang

Overall it was fun filled evening and looking forward for June 29th which is Srinivas's birthday.


Park said...

8 to 9 drinks, cool but may be one too many :).

Pls give more details Martinis? Margaritas? Mojitos? Beers? Bloody Marys?

Mr. Cool said...

Ha ha .. each of us had 8 or 9 drinks :-)
This included ..
Martinis, Beers, Tequilas, Amaretto, Bacardi, Champagne and Wine.

Park said...

:) take care. I'm glad you didnt have to drive back home.

Mr. Cool said...

Haha .. Taxi driver took care of the driving .. and none of us were on high ever after so many drinks ;)