Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend Tidbits

This is how my weekend flew away ...


I and Swetha went for New York Movie. Nothing was good about the movie. Even Katrina was not beautifully shown. We came home and ordered from McDonald s at 12.30 which came at 1.30 early in the morning. We ate burgers and then slept at around 2.30AM.


We woke up very late. Prepared some curry and rice and had lunch. Later Swetha started preparing Gajar Halwa at around 3PM and successfully completed by 7PM. Meanwhile Surya came home and we together had dinner watching Tholi Prema movie. After dinner, I and Swetha went out for a walk with Surya dropped him at his place and watched Vinayakudu movie and came back late in the night. Today I spoke with Kishore for 2 hours and also with Dolly who was going to France for an hour.


Today it was no different to Saturday. We woke up late in the morning. By the team we even thought of cooking food, Santosh called us and invited for lunch at their place. We went there had our lunch and saw X-Men Wolverine and Identity movies. Later in the evening, I, Swetha and Srini went for a walk and had some masala tea. From there we just did some window shopping in Tampines Mall, Century Square and Tampines One mall. We went to KFC had some snacks and went to 230J. Meanwhile background we were planning Srini's birthday celebration for which Surya had given a wonderful idea, right from cake till the gift.

At 12 in the midnight we woke up Srini and made him cut the cake. Happy Birthday Srini.

Lighting the Birthday Candles

It was beautiful

Wow thats my birthday cake

Happy birthday to you dude ...

We enjoyed the cake came back home at that time and slept cursing the Monday.


Anonymous said...

okka roju vunnadi ra cinemalu choodakunda vunnadi ..... siggu ledu ra