Friday, June 26, 2009

Movies in Recent Past

There were times when I have seen 10 in just a weekend. For the past 1 month because of my busy work life and personal life I couldn't see many. Below are some of them which I saw and remembered.

Angels and Demons - Good movie. Nice thriller. (3/5)
Da Vinci Code - After seeing Angels and Demons, I saw this movie and liked this too. (3/5)
Terminator Salvation - Awful (1/5)
Taking of Pelham 123 - Awesome. Full of Pace and action. Great acting. (4.5/5)
Taking of Pelham One Two Three - This is the old movie which is a true copy of the novel. Forgot to mention, I have read this novel too. Well made based on the novel. But as I saw after seeing the latest version of the movie, I couldn't appreciate the effort so much. (2/5)
Transformers Rise of the Fallen - Saw it yesterday. Did not impress me much when compared to Transformers. (2/5)

Happy Days - Have seen multiple times and every time I see it, its like a journey into my engineering days. Awesome movie. (4.5/5)
Aunu Vallidaru Ishtapaddaru - Was watching it for fourth time. Decent comedy. (3/5)


Park said...

Saw the preview of 'PUBLIC ENEMIES'. To put it in short,it was 'mind blowing'. Lets see if it turns out to be one of those hyped up movies or keeps the promise of the preview.

suryatej said...

also watch the trailer of "inglorious basterds"..its simply dying to watch the movie :)

Mr. Cool said...

Chinnu: Even I have seen the trailer and its very nice .. I shall watch it ..

Park: Public Enemies trailer is also awesome and I guess its on some real story .. I will watch it as soon as it releases in Singapore ..