Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mistimed Trip

In recent times I have been a very good guide to many people for their trips to different places. I have also been traveling for past 2 years and never had an issue at any point of time. My accommodations, tickets, bookings etc were all done before hand and were well planned. I boast myself of planning things so well and do not waste any long weekends or do not miss any occasions.

But my recent trip to India has gone bizarre. Nothing has gone as planned. Right from Singapore airport until I came landed back, nothing went well as it has to go.

At the Singapore airport:
Every time I buy the luggage before hand. This time I did not buy any and thought I shall take it at the airport. I went to airport on time and stood in the line for buying the extra luggage. As I reached the counter, I asked for 15KG extra luggage. The lady on the other side asked for 25 dollars. I gave her my ATM card, she said only credit card or cash and I had neither of them. Since the day I landed in Singapore, there wasn't a day when I was without a minimum of dollars in my pocket. But today I did not have any money in the pocket and thought I shall take it from the airport ATM. The ATM in the airport was not working and there was no ATM near by. I had to call my friend (Nagraj) and he came all the way to airport to give me the money.

At the immigration:
As I grew long hair yet again, the immigration officer questioned me for a while as she couldn't match my photo in passport with my current look.

At Bangalore Airport:
I tried helping one of the co passenger and hence had to stuck with the customs for a while.

At Bangalore Airport Ticket Counter:
Normally I buy this ticket from Bangalore to Hyderabad after landing in Bangalore. But today the night 3.30AM flight tickets were all over and had no other choice other than waiting all alone till morning 6.30 and take a Jet Airways flight.

Jet Airways Flight:
Normally my flight from Bangalore to Hyderabad takes 50 mins. This flight I took was a ATR flight and took 1 hr 30 mins for the journey.

Yadagiri Gutta Trip:
As soon as I reached Hyderabad we planned to go to Yadagiri Gutta. But as my flight got delayed, the whole trip got delayed and we started very late at 11AM. By the time we reached Yadagiri Gutta, it was around 1PM. As it was a weekend, there was huge crowd at Yadagiri Gutta and we did not even get the parking over there. Dad decided to stay in the car while I, Swetha and Mom will get the darshan. But when we went to see the special darshan line there were around 400 people already waiting in the line. We dropped the plan of taking darshan today and came back to Hyderabad. This was for the first time, that we came back from a temple without darshan.

Same Night:
The night of the day I reached, I and Swetha went to meet Aparna. We were roaming around her house for more than 30 mins but couldn't get a proper way to her house.

Last Day:
Morning of the day of my return we thought of again going for Yadagiri Gutta darshan. But because of some reasons mom said today we cannot go and hence my Yadagiri Gutta darshan has been postponed to some other time when we go back to Hyderabad.

I was just wondered the whole trip why things go well. Since my childhood days, mom used to say not to leave house or do something when somebody sneezes. But this time while coming to Hyderabad, I sneezed and immediately started for the trip. I know this is stupid to believe such things, but then this happened to me coincidentally.

Hope my future trips go well.


Pradnya Shetye said...

yeh tumhare sath kya ho raha hai babbu??