Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Aamir - Good Movie

Last night I have a seen a movie which is some what different to the regular masala stuff. Most of the audience want the regular masala moves while there is other type of audience who would admire the movies which are off beat and which would make a real sense rather than the masala non sense. This movie I felt was closer to life and have something in it which would make us to think. If you are the second kind of audience then Aamir is surely the one to watch for.

The story is all about a common man who becomes victim of a terrorist group. It is a must watch drama for people who loves movie with difference and quality. The director for the movie Rajkumar Gupta made his debut with this movie. He surely deserves appreciation for his first timer. It is really good to see for debutant director picking up such a different subject and making movie upon it.

Movie has no superstar from bollywood. Rajeev Khandelwal is another debutant who is the leading star in the movie. You can never make out that this is his first movie. He acted to perfection and the emotions can be clearly read from his expressions. Personally I always like movies with lot of comedy. Even though this movie dont have any of the important elements I loved the movie.

Coming to story, The story starts of with this statement: "Kaun Kehta Hain Aadmi Apna Kisamt Khud Likhta Hain". Its about a muslim doctor returning home from London. As soon as he reaches Mumbai airport he finds himself and his family in big trouble. Its a one day suspense and thriller drama in his life. The story just moves on and keeps you on the edge of the seat thinking about what next scene could be. Every instance of movie is packed with suspense and thrill, every next sequence makes you even more puzzled.

Even though I am not a great critic I would say Director, Leading Character, Background music, Cinematography and camera work are really good. As said earlier movie is not for everyone. Overall a must watch for people looking for quality and want a break from main stream cinema.
My Rating for the movie would be 3/5