Sunday, July 13, 2008

London se Aayi mera Dost

Last week was full of fun. I met my friend whom I didnt see for the past 4 years. She came to Singapore last week to meet her brother. She and her sister both were here for about a week. I could spend almost 3 days with them. I met her on 8th July while they were leaving on 11th July. At the very first sight of her I felt very happy as I was seeing her after such a long time.

Tuesday, I went to office and took ML to meet her. I went to her place at around 12.30 in the afternoon. I also met her brother and sister. Her sister had a cute little 2 month old kid who was so sweet and cute. By the time I went there they werent ready so I waited for a while had lunch and then we went to Orchard Road for shopping at Takashi Maya.

Gayatri did lot of shopping. Even though her brother was against this she some how managed to spend so much money on this shopping. In the night we went to Little India to have dinner. Her brother Ravi gave a small party which also included his friends. We had dinner at Fifth Season restaurant. From here Ravi asked me to come home for over night and can go to office directly in the morning. Gayatri was ready to stay awake so that we can chit chat for sometime. Ravi and Radha (Gayatri's Sister) slept by 1AM. Me and Gayatri sat till morning and spoke about the happenings in our respective lives. We spoke till morning 4.30 and then I came back home as I had office.

Wednesday, I once again left office by 4PM. They came to Suntec City. So I went to meet them there. They wanted to go around Raffles Place. We walked through the Suntec City food court, Also saw the Fountain. In Suntec Gayatri once again did some shopping at Levis. We walked further and I showed them my office and the city link mall. We walked further to Esplanade and the Indian war memorial structure. Finally we stopped at the Merlion. We took many pics throughout the way. From Merlion around 8PM we went to Little India again to have dinner at Saravana Bhavan restaurant. We had our dinner and dispersed to our respective houses.

Thursday, Yet another quick jumo from office. Left office at around 4PM to go to China Town to meet my friend. They were already there. I met them at the pagoda. They did some shopping. Had some Thailand coconut water. From there we went to Perumal temple in Little India. This was my first time to Perumal Temple. It was very nice. We then went to Mustafa to do some more shopping and had dinner at Raj Restaurant. After dinner Ravi asked me to stay back at their place as I would anyways come to airport the next day. So I once again went to stay over night at her place. As she was going the next morning, I helped her in her packing. We sat and chit chatted for some more time. By the time we realised time was 6 in the morning and we started off to airport. We had a very nice time together for 3 days. Even her family members were very nice to me. Finally it was time to say good bye.


gayathri said...

shoo shweet :)!!

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Sabita said...

Nice Pics. When r u going 2 London?

Mr. Cool said...

hmmm if things go well then shall plan for October :)