Sunday, July 13, 2008


Yet another wonderful weekend. We had a great time this weekend which involved many activities. The Fun started on Friday. Friday night I, Srinivas, Nagaraj, Vidyadhar and Ganesh went to Dance bar. We met at the Orchard MRT and from there we went to the Orchard tower for the dance bar. We had a great time as there was a Live Rock show going on who played some real good music. Even though they were local folks they played it very well. From there at around 2.00 in the night we went to Clarke Quay for disco. We were supposed to go to Rupee Room for disco. But as Ganesh was running out of time we just went to Shiraz, had a Chicken roll and started back home at around 3. We slept at around 4 in the morning and we were supposed go to movie on Saturday.

Ganesh @ Dance Bar

Saturday morning at around 1030 we woke up and got ready for the lunch. First we went to the Golden Village Cinema and took the tickets for Hell Boy II for the 4.30PM show. We had lunch at a north indian food court and started off in a bus for SAFRA. We went to Orchid Bowl at Tampines SAFRA. We did enjoyed bowling for around an hour.

Final Scorecard @ Orchid Bowl

After bowling we went back to theater to watch the movie. I, Mahesh, Nagaraj, Srinivas and Vidyadhar came for the movie. Other than me everybody else liked the movie. After the movie we just sat at the shopping mall discussing as what next. We decided to get some beer at home and enjoy watching some movie.

We went to Fair Price to get some beer. Also took some eggs, carrots, cucumber, ground nuts etc to have them as the side dishes. While coming back home we took Biryani for the dinner. At home Srinivas and Mahesh prepared all the side dishes stuff required.

Heineken Ad

Srini & Mahesh

We started having fun at around 9.30 and we were awake till night 2.30. We discussed many issues. Some things were professional somethings were personal and so on.

Before the start

Cheers Time


At around 3 we hit the bed and Sunday was just for relaxing. I thought I had great fun this weekend so just wanted to share this with everybody :).


gayathri said...

very good.. keep it up!

gayathri said...

very good.. keep it up!

Anonymous said... was great weekend altogether! After we watched the movie, it all started when Nagaraj, who was telling that he was not in a mood to take drink, accidentally talked about Kingfisher.It was the Achilles’ heel!

Vidya, who told that he would leave at around 8 PM on that day, left at 12 PM next day!

Now, you can assume how we enjoyed the time!