Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Wait is Over

After a wait of over 5 months finally I got my ticket to see the First Ever F1 Night Race in Singapore. I booked the ticket on 18th of Feb 2008. I wanted to be part of history so I definitely wanted to see the race. But the dilema was to decide on which ticket to be taken. Finally I dared and took the pit stop ticket which costed me 1400SGD. Hopefully it should be worth the amount.

Day before yesterday I went to Singapore post to collect my Ticket. I was totally unaware as how the ticket would look like. The lady at the post office gave a big box when I gave her the mail that I had. I thought there would some goodies too. But to my surprise it was a hollow box with just the ticket box. This box contained the 3 passes for 3 days of race and a circuit map.

The event is on 26, 27 and 28th of Sep 2008. Shall update you with the race details very soon. By the way I forgot to tell you the seat number where I am going to sit. Its the exact point where the race starts :). So I will be the first person to see who has won the race.


Sabita said...

Record some videos also. Kesa race tha hum log bhi dekh paayenge na.

Mr. Cool said...

haan haan video nikaloonga ..