Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The darkest day in Pakistan's cricket history

I went for lunch in the afternoon and I got a call from my colleague. I was shocked by hearing the news of attack on Sri Lankan cricketers. This is a obnoxious act from the Pakistani terrorists. Any game will have some ethics and most important of them would be nobody should lose their life over a game. This is such a cheap act and this would not fulfill any purpose for the terrorists. I hope this would be the start of their downfall. This will definitely affect both Pakistani cricket as well as the Pakistani government very badly.

After India opting out of the series, Sri Lanka was the team who filled this gap. But I would not call them a brave team to go there. They just went there to get the money into their board. They should have been more cautious before taking such a decision. As there are no causalities this doesn't seem as bad as it looks, but what if there was a causality of a big name? As Indians know about these issues in Pakistan they have taken a wise decision of opting out of this series. After this incident the Sri Lankan team would deserve some sympathy.

As Pakistan government has promised security measures for the players, after such and incident questions will inevitably be asked about their security arrangements. This tour was a high profile one and many were following this because of the controversy of not going to Pakistan. I did not understand how they could simply ruin away this chance of proving their country to be safe. Now the main question would be what do Pakistani security guarantees count for?

After this incident no international team will visit Pakistan for any sort of series or tournament. The PCB can only use some neutral venues to play or arrange all their future tours. This day is definitely the darkest day in the history of Pakistan cricket. I would say this is the end of any international cricket in Pakistan for next many years.