Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Singapore IT Show @ Suntec

This weekend Singapore has hosted one of the big IT shows in Asia. This has lasted for 4 days (Thu-Sun) in Suntec Convention & Exhibition Center. Most of the well known IT and electronics vendors were present during the event. The show was sprawling over 5 entire floors of the Convention center. Consumers were offered with discounts on almost all the products. Every year this has become another excuse for people round the world for a trip to Singapore.

All these days I have been hearing about recession recession and only recession all over the world. So we thought recession would badly hit this time IT show. If you are claustrophobic then this was not a place to be. But to my wonder neither recession nor the huge crowd stopped people from buying the Laptops, Cameras, LCDs, Play Stations etc.

I have been to the show for 3 consecutive days (Thu-Sat) with my friends. Even though Thursday and Friday were working days, I could see many people coming to Suntec. On Thursday I bought a Laptop. On Saturday again we went to buy a play station. I must admit that even before I entered the exhibition hall I started to realize that it was a bad idea. Despite the significant number of people in the mall, we managed to get a seat at the food court. Had our lunch and then went into the mall. We felt that the crowd was a bit less when compared to Thu and Fri. Anyways we decided to get out of there as soon as possible before we both choked.

Once we were done with our shopping and came out we were astounded at the surge of masses. To control the crowd even the elevators were stopped, people were asked to come back in an hour, people were stopped while one batch of people would come out of the mall. Luckily we escaped such a scenario.

From the news I heard that, for about an hour there was a technology glitch, all the electronic payment lines went down. There was a huge loss for some of the companies as the frustrated customers walked off. There was heavy rain, which in turn resulted in a massive human jam at City Link Mall. Mall operators had to close some entrances to stop more people from entering and put marshals on duty.

Again looking forward for the IT Show in June ...