Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Luck by Chance is Sincere

Last night I have watched yet another lovely movie from Akhtar clan. Yes, thats Luck by Chance, Direction and Script and Screenplay by Zoya, Produced and Acted by Farhan and Lyrics by Zaved. The movie is all about the inside story of Bollywood film industry. It deals with wide range of issues in film industry right from Casting couch to Showbiz politics. The star cast is so nicely picked up and their acting seemed very sincere. Farhan and Konkana were very good in their roles. They both have very strong characters with a subtle difference and their scenes together ooze warmth and innocence. The background score and the songs were brilliant in the movie. The movie has a huge star cast in the guest appearances and everyone were used properly at the right time. Last but not the least, Isha was amazing in the movie and did her role very well.

There is a recent Telugu movie by name "Neninthe" which is on the similar lines. But this movie by all means is better than Neninthe. Overall its a brilliant movie with a strong theme. The moral of the story is Luck would be favored if you take some chances at the right time. My rating would be 8 out of 10.