Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

Last year I had the worst birthday ever in my life. It was my first birthday in Singapore and was very very boring. First reason was many of my friends here did not know about my birthday. Secondly I had to force people to come out for dinner as I never wanted to spend the day sitting idle at home.

This year many of my friends here knew about my birthday. But yesterday night till 11.45 I saw my roommates sleeping or sitting idle with out any plans of celebrating my birthday. I knew they would some how wish me but never expected any thing else. But sharp at 12 Santosh came in wished me and took me into the hall. There what I see is a beautiful yummy cake staring at me. I felt really good because I have never expected a cake from my roomies. After the cake I started getting calls for wishing me and it went on till 2 in the night.

Anyways today we will plan and go out for dinner and have some good time. Happy Birthday to Me