Friday, March 13, 2009

My New Laptop

As soon as I came to Singapore the first action I took was to buy a laptop. There were lot of consultations as what to buy and what not to buy. At last I bought Dell Inspiron. It worked well (I know my roommates would never agree with it) for a year. In January my laptop got screwed up and since then I have been using my friends (Srini) laptop till yesterday. I was very skeptical about investing in another laptop. My roomies encouraged me to take one as they would share some amount as my marriage gift. That very statement made me go and buy a new laptop. This time again after many consultations I took a multimedia laptop which is good for watching movies and playing games.

The specifications of my Acer Aspire are:
16" Monitor
2.2GHZ AMD Processor
350GB Hard Disk.

Got some stupid free gifts like
USB Mouse
USB Speakers
Cleaning Kit


Anonymous said...

Looks cool.

The minis have been on the rise in popularity in USA over the last 1 year. Check out the below cute DELL 8.9 mini.

Mr. Cool said...

Yeah I know ... here also there is a rage for the minis .. I actually went to get the EEE PC 10 inch one .. but finally ended up taking this PC .. As I watch a lot of movies in my PC also .. I just wanted to take something which I use properly ...