Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Cooking is one thing I have never been fond of. I have helped my mom and roommates now in many house hold works but not in cooking. I dont understand how people cook standing there for such a long time. Some of them are really fond of preparing food and eating. As I am away from home people expect me to cook. But its been 5 months and the new thing other than preparing coffee & maggi is bread omlette that i am doing. Even thats a great acheivement from my side for my roommates.

My mom always wanted me to learn cooking as it would be difficult once I am away from my home. But I am lucky enough to get nice roommates here who are cooking for me too :).

Recently my sister wanted me to go through a chefs site which is a real wonderful site which explains how to cook with ease. I liked the site very much. I shall see if this site will develop some interest in me to cook. I only hope that the girl who comes into my life should be good at cooking :)